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For those fortunate enough to be carrying a new life within them, it’s natural to want to find out how much weight should you gain during pregnancy. The answer is going to be relatively standard with everyone, though each person will carry it a little differently. For most of your life, you have been working with the idea that weight gain is bad, but when you are pregnant, weight gain is a very good thing because it is a sign of a healthy baby. For the most accurate answer to the question, you should ask your health care professional, but this article will give you and idea of what to expect.

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The answer is largely going to vary somewhat from person to person based on their body size prior to pregnancy. Those who are underweight should gain more than those who are overweight. Underweight women should expect to gain anywhere from 28-40 pounds. The average weightREAD MORE

New mothers all over the world try to find how to lose stomach fat after C-Section. As much a blessing that pregnancy and birth may have been, your body has been stressed a lot. What is left, especially after a C-Section, is an “apron” of fat hanging down. There are a lot of things that you have to get used to and dealing with that extra flab around your belly isn’t one that you should have to worry about.

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All mothers have gone through this to one extent or another whether they had a C-Section or not. Many have found ways to lose this extra bit of weight they would rather not have. Not only is this considered unattractive, it can bring about painREAD MORE

Pregnancy Diet Plan

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The first trimester is very important for the mother and the baby. For most women it is common to findREAD MORE