Landing A Big Deal On A Yacht

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Landing a Big Deal on a Yacht

We normally think of a yacht as a personal extravagance. It is something you buy to celebrate your success and to give yourself the kind of luxury that success affords. And it gives you the chance to have some very private holidays and vacations in high style with an attentive crew on board and still to have the privacy and complete liberty that is not possible in a hotel or resort. This combination of freedom, privacy and luxury is what makes yachting such an attractive pastime for so many including perhaps many of your friends.

But there are some very solid businesses reasons for maintaining a yacht as well. And whether you make that yacht a private possession or a corporate asset, you may find enough business reasons to maintain the craft to make it entirely a business expense. And it will be one that will pay off well for the cost of the yacht along with maintenance and storage.

A corporate yacht gives you options for business entertaining that really cannot be matched at even the finest restaurant in town. By outfitting the yacht properly when you buy it, you can make sure here is a luxurious dinning room and all of the accessories to put on a fine business dinner. If you will be entertaining business clients from out of town for a day or so, you can use the comfortable bedroom suites of your yacht to provide them with the finest in comfort and luxury with a crew who knows that these are VIP guests and to treat them as such. Nothing will put your guests in a better mood for negotiation than spending the night on the gentle waves of the sea on the yacht you provided entirely for their comfort.

When it comes time to close that big deal, that same dining table is an outstanding setting to lay out the paperwork and step through the complex process of business deal making. Because you are essentially “on your turf”, the yacht seems to send the message that coming to an agreement is the right thing to do. And you have total privacy aboard your yacht so the parties can take breaks and go out on deck and look at the stars and the moonlight on the waters to have their spirits refreshed to come back and put ink to paper and strike a deal that could bring your company millions in business. One deal alone might pay for that yacht for decades and you still have it available for the next company Christmas party.

The yacht has other valid business purposes along with romancing clients or striking deals with business partners. The yacht setting is a delightful way to reward loyal employees with an evening of celebration of the completion of a great project. By gathering select managers and spouses to the seclusion and luxury of a yacht, you communicate to them the value of their work and can instill company loyalty and a desire to succeed that is a huge asset to any business.

The reason a yacht is so often a great way to do business entertaining or to host a business meeting or conference is that it communicates success. On board a yacht, your guests or employees get the message that this is a company that is doing very well, that is willing to invest in the finest for its clients, partners and leaders and that this company is going to be successful for a long time to come. This is a powerful message to send and the yacht speaks it elegantly while providing an ideal setting for relaxation, forming of business friendships and resolution of conflict as well.

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